thriller trailer gone girl

April 16, 2014 in Movies

thriller trailer gone girl is coming out.missing women murdered by her husband total story round with this topic.gone girl is total thrill feeling movie  this is third series.this is very cruel story.why he murder his wife and how hide this secret from public.

gone girl trailer release



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music and art festivall at coachella valley

April 12, 2014 in Information

coachella valley’s annual arts and music festival for Colorado desert people. total time for this event is two weekends and three days held at empire polo Hollywood goes to desert this event like every one.popular music stars available at coachella valley enjoy.

coachella valley 2014 festival

bison fear running when volcano eruption

April 3, 2014 in Information

bison fear running near volcano eruption this animals know the earth quake symptoms.thet start running with fear this is happen at yellowstone national park.

bison running before volcano erruption

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earthquake near north west lquique chile

April 2, 2014 in Information

big earthquake near north  west lquique chile with magnitude 8.2 highest reading in rector scale.5  members dead but high property damages found. this is repeated 2 times.cause for chile earthquake don’t know but scientists thinks tsunami is base.

chile earthquake

Katherine Webb and aj mccarron engaged plan

March 30, 2014 in Information

Famous couples Katherine webb and AJ McCarron ready for engage.after two year of dating these two couples are ready for marriage. McCarron raise engaging topic.At mid night Katherine post a tweet about her engagement news.

katherine webb engaged with mccarron

mila kunis expecting baby

March 25, 2014 in Information

newly engaged couple mila kunis and ashton kutcher expecting baby this is buzz word in hollywood beacuse no evidence and no anouncement from mila kunis some bogus websites and gossips travel around the blogs don’t waste your time with search words like mila have baby or boy and some thing related to that.

is mila kunis get pregnency

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yo yo honey sing blue eyes full song

March 20, 2014 in Music

YouTube Preview Imageblue eyes full song yo yo honey sing watch and enjoy

need for speed movie 2014 release and review

March 11, 2014 in Movies

need for speed Movie 2014

Hey what you think it’s not a game it’s a movie the entire movie concept is car racing for revenge in this film hero is mechanic at day time every weekend enjoy with friends.he clash with his business partner one day hero arrested without reason.he start think and find who send him to jail,start revenge on opponent. the main hero role taken by paul main villan charecter cooper those are all beat actors.

need for speed 2014 movie

Are your confuse to read this story ok step by step

Released in 14 march 2014

1.who is NFS 2014 hero?

Aaron Sturtevant  (American actor  date of birth augst 27 1979,he acted in tv shows and movies)

aaron paul

2.supported character and Villain

Scott mescudi (supporter)

scott mescudi support character

Dominic cooper (Opponent)

hero opposite dominic

3.Total theme?

Revenge on his old business partner with country race. is family friendly or not?

No,some nudity in NFS 2014 don’t watch with kids.we advise for private watch don’t think high expectation on this movie after watching trailers.all samples are released for audience expectation only remember every one release high quality trail this is logic don’t trust magic.

nfs movie has nudity

5.who is heroin?

Carmela zumbado Fame of identity thief,Free style love of the hollywood sexiest star looks pretty and her loose hair promote mental to teenagsrs.

sexy carmela zumbado

6.Totally Movie watchable or not?

preferably one time after that you automatically go to car parking open car bonnet put your head in radiator, do you know what is This movie formula.

“NFS Game+Death Race Movie=Need For Speed Movie 2014

7.Director of this film?

Scott waugh maximum know this person hard worker but why he direct this type of movies.


8.Story,Screen Play?

George Gatins.what is the concept of this film why are you writing this kind of stories please change your self or audience change their selfs.


Need For Speed Movie 2014 Trailer latest

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Why IMDB score is high

imdb is a amazon company selling products is main concept .50% spam comments are found observe that website.Don’t think blindly.

internet is a business and entertain world all are dependent don’t trust internet ratings about movies watch movie direct shows or ask your friends who seen movie.

This movie is just like video game sit in front of computer install nfs game and play this is better than movie.

 NFS 2014 this movie started in Macon in 15th april 2013,director taking shots for other locations also,team of film makers not using graphics and particles.the last chasing shot is natural no CG (computer graphics).

the possibility of this film score is too low according to other online movie reviews webs is 3.0 around 10 star rating.but why IMDB giving 8.0 out of 10 this is logic ok avoid this ratings.nobody give you rating without watching movie so release first then see review what about content and cast, crews of the film that is original way to analyze movie not go through blind dummy rate any one give high movie rating to dumb movies that’s fake like imdb service these are all for product seling purpose be carefull with review rating sites some one give you genuine and rare persons post original stuf of cinima.

how many organs in human body what is important organ?

March 9, 2014 in Information

how many organs in human body?

total organs in human bodyit’s a silly question some one says human body contain 78 organs and the major organs in human body  have 13 this true? no one calculate organs in human body because each and every thing play important role in body include nails and hair are also organs.

so don’t ask this foolish questions like how many organs in human body?how many organs works in human body? how many main organs in body?

OK close your eyes visualize some thing  which organ help to visualize? brain or eyes or something?

watch some thing which one is working in body?

eye or brain or something ?

no one know how they function but root  is blood and oxygen help to work organs in human body.

car not starting possible reasons

March 9, 2014 in Tips

car not starting or your car jump start

old cars have too many troubles one common problem in car is starting when you leave your car for few days the car won’t start the battery in car may be low when you push the car it’s start.

trouble shoot your car if not start

Symptoms For Car Won’t Start:

1.when you turn key in ignition there is no response from car.’s make sound like keeeekkeee but not start.

1.check alternator in case problem found in please repair it or change it.

2.check battery it’s dead or alive.

3.check electrical wiring found any damage please replace it.

4.check exhaust pipe in case any objects placed in remove objects and try to start car.

5.check fuel injection it’s working or not it’s very important.

6.check ignition voltage it’s not receiving voltage check power supply.

still your cant not starting please contact your near mechanic.